Lab News

  • Lab conference presentations – Spring 2022

    Congratulations on the lab presentations in Spring 2022. Athena won the 2022 AACR Scholar-in-training award to present at the annual AACR meeting in New Orleans, LA in April 2022. Josh won the 2022 AAI Trainee …

  • Lab personnel update – Spring 2022

    Aisha left for a Study Director position in Covance. She will lead the preclinical study there. Congrats and Best wishes for the new job! Wanyi Guo and Xindi Tang joined the lab as undergraduate researchers …

  • Malavika joins lab as a URS scholar

    Malavika joins the lab from the Undergraduate Research Scholar program this Fall semester. She will work on computational methods to analyze spatial transcriptome data.

  • Athena joins the lab for a PhD study!

    Athena Golfinos officially joined the lab after her summer rotation from the CMP program. Athena will lead our effort to study Head and Neck cancer immunology using scRNA-Seq and bioinformatics approaches.  Welcome Athena!

  • Aisha joined the lab as a postdoc! Welcome!

    Dr. Aisha Mergaert, a newly graduate from Dr. Miriam Shelef lab at the UW CMP program, joined us since June 01, 2021 to lead our effort in studying myeloid heterogeneity in cancer using high-dimensional flow …

  • Incoming summer students are joining the lab!

    This summer, we will welcome talented students joining the lab. Daniela Mejía, a PhD from BMI BioData Science (BDS), joined us this summer for a rotation project. She will be working on analyzing single-cell RNA-Seq …

  • Graduate student joined the lab!

    Josh Brand joined us from the Cellular & Molecular Pathology program as the first graduate student in the lab. Welcome and looking forward to a fun ride. Parth Khatri joined us as an hourly master …

  • Huy’s profile in the “McArdle Faculty Profile – Getting to know” series

  • Students join the lab for rotation and independent study.

    Joshua Brand joins us for a rotation from the Cellular and Molecular Pathology graduate program and will work on analyzing CITE-Seq and scRNA-Seq of immune cells. Parth Khatri joins us for an independent study project …

  • Lab opening!

    The Dinh lab will be opening our door from August 2020. We are located at the 7th floor WI Institutes for Medical Research building.

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