Lab News

  • Malavika joins lab as a URS scholar

    Malavika joins the lab from the Undergraduate Research Scholar program this Fall semester. She will work on computational methods to analyze spatial transcriptome data.

  • Athena joins the lab for a PhD study!

    Athena Golfinos officially joined the lab after her summer rotation from the CMP program. Athena will lead our effort to study Head and Neck cancer immunology using scRNA-Seq and bioinformatics approaches.  Welcome Athena!

  • Aisha joined the lab as a postdoc! Welcome!

    Dr. Aisha Mergaert, a newly graduate from Dr. Miriam Shelef lab at the UW CMP program, joined us since June 01, 2021 to lead our effort in studying myeloid heterogeneity in cancer using high-dimensional flow …

  • Incoming summer students are joining the lab!

    This summer, we will welcome talented students joining the lab. Daniela Mejía, a PhD from BMI BioData Science (BDS), joined us this summer for a rotation project. She will be working on analyzing single-cell RNA-Seq …

  • Graduate student joined the lab!

    Josh Brand joined us from the Cellular & Molecular Pathology program as the first graduate student in the lab. Welcome and looking forward to a fun ride. Parth Khatri joined us as an hourly master …

  • Huy’s profile in the “McArdle Faculty Profile – Getting to know” series

  • Students join the lab for rotation and independent study.

    Joshua Brand joins us for a rotation from the Cellular and Molecular Pathology graduate program and will work on analyzing CITE-Seq and scRNA-Seq of immune cells. Parth Khatri joins us for an independent study project …

  • Lab opening!

    The Dinh lab will be opening our door from August 2020. We are located at the 7th floor WI Institutes for Medical Research building.

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