Huy Dinh
Assistant Professor

Google Scholar Profile

Huy did Ph.D. at the University of Vienna in Austria where he worked on developing bioinformatics methods for analyzing epigenomics data in collaboration between the Center for Integrative Bioinformatics, Vienna, and the Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna. Then, he crossed the Atlantic to do a postdoc in cancer epigenomics and intratumoral heterogeneity at the Univerisity of Southern California Cancer Center and Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Prior to joining UW-Madison as a Human Precision Medicine Cluster Hire assistant professor at the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research with a joint appointment at the Department of Biostatistics and Biomedical Informatics, he was an instructor at the La Jolla for Immunology where he studied myeloid heterogeneity and cancer immunology. Outside of work, Huy likes reading and playing/watching soccer with his son, Alex.

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Joshua Brand
CMP PhD program, started Jan 2021.

Athena Golfinos
CMP PhD program, joined August 2021.

Parth Khatri
BDS PhD program, 2022 summer rotator

Anqi Gao
MSTP program, 2022 summer rotator

Rishil Mehta
MD student, 2022 summer Shapiro program

Xindi Tang
UW undergraduate (Chemistry and Biochemistry) – from 2022

Alicia Tee
UW undergraduate (Computer Science) – 2022 LASER summer research program

We are looking for new lab members who are interested in working in cancer immunology using high-dimensional data profiling and computational approaches.
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Rotating PhD Students

Parth Khatri (BMI BDS program rotation, Summer 2022): Predicting immune cell behaviors from single-cell transcriptome data.

Anqi Gao (MSTP program rotation, Summer 2022): Neutrophil heterogeneity in wound healing and cancer.

Sherry Bradford (Cancer Biology graduate program rotation, Fall 2021): Monocyte-Dendritic cell heterogeneity in cancer.

Athena Golfinos (CMP graduate program rotation, Summer 2021): scRNA-seq analysis of Head and Neck cancer.

Daniela Mejía (BDS graduate program rotation, Summer 2021): Isoform expression quantification to identify novel cell-types in cancer scRNA-Seq.

Joshua Brand (CMP graduate program rotation, Fall 2020): Single cell analysis (CITE-Seq) of immune cells.

Alumni  & past research Students

Ke Xu
UW undergraduate (Maths) – 2021-2022. Last known position: Graduate student in Biostats at Yale.

Wanyi Guo
UW undergraduate (Biochemistry and Statistics): Bio152 project – Neutrophil heterogeneity in pancreatic cancer.

Aisha Mergaert (CBIM postdoctoral fellow, June 2021-Feb2022): Neutrophil heterogeneity in cancer. Last known position: Study Director (Covance)

Malavika Unnikrishnan (UW URS scholar): Spatial transcriptome deconvolution.

Sophia Ibargüen (Pasadena City College undergraduate, 2021 MSTP summer scholar): Comparison of myeloid landscapes in Covid-19 and lung cancer.

Maya Dorje (MD student, UW Shapiro scholar, Summer 2021): Neutrophil heterogeneity in Multiple Myeloma.

Parth Khatri (BMI Bio-Data Science Master program,  Fall 2020 & Spring 2021): Cellular communication analysis of immune cells using scRNA-Seq. Last known position: BDS PhD student at UW-Madison.