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  • Wang W, Lozar T, Golfinos AE, …, Dinh HQ#, Lambert PF#. Role of stress keratin 17 in immune evasion by head and neck cancer (in revision)
  • Bristol JA, Brand JA,  …, Dinh HQ, Kenney SC. Reduced IRF4 expression contributes to lytic phenotype in type 2 EBV-infected B cells. (in revision)
  • Meyer MA*,  Dinh HQ* et al., … Hedrick CC. Discovery of a neutrophil subset that expresses B cell markers and modulates CD4+ T cells in human melanoma (in revision).
  • Padgett LE*, Dinh HQ*, Chee SJ*, Olingy CE, Wu P, Araujo DJ, Vijayanand P, Ottensmeier C, Hedrick CC. Interplay of Monocytes and T Lymphocytes in COVID-19 Severity (preprint link)

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